Show me your clean.

I have issues – I like to clean when I am nervous. But there is not much I can clean around my place, since everything is out of order, paint is wet, tools are everywhere, and boxes are stacked in front or most things I’d like to scrub, dust or organize. I was able to get into the closet where all our homeschool/activity fun is kept, so I used that to quell my panic.

I am not an innate organizer, so I follow directions that I learn from magazine articles and organizationally gifted pals – ‘put like with like’ and ‘make it easier to put away than to take out’. I put things we use more frequently in the most accessible places and the others in the harder to reach spots.

Every unused thing I tossed into the ‘donate’ pile and each broken or ripped item that made it’s way to the trash chipped away at the anxious feelings and all the neatly stacked shelves brought a new sense of calm. Although I couldn’t fix any of the construction-related mayhem, I could fix a closet full of chaos.
I told you I have issues.

What have you cleaned or organized lately? Tell me about it or post a link.

1 thought on “Show me your clean.

  1. kindeternity

    Nothing yet, Janet. But you can always come to my house to clean when you’re feeling nervous. Goodness knows it needs it. 🙂 I hope your back is feeling better,

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