Sorry, no one is here right now.

I am not here doing this…

because I am here doing this…

and this…and this… My friend, Just Jewelry Girl, has been nice enough to offer my family (sans Dennis & Ethan – not because they are not invited – they’re just busy!) hospitality because I cannot stand to see and hear my house being pulled apart! Yes, I know it is for the greater good, I am just a little short-sighted right now. She also has a kitchen sink, an oven and a stove that can boil water in about 5 minutes – all of which I can no longer do at my house. She even lets us eat off of ‘real’ plates – nope, no paper for her. Thank goodness for other homeschoolers!

Today I piled all the kids in the car to do a little “Roadside America” sight-seeing. We saw the giant duck in the photo, a giant indian and a religous shrine that had a “Stations of the Cross” path and a “rosary” walk. I did my very best, as a non-catholic to explain it all to them, but they seemed to like the visual aspects, the bible story and the space and fresh air. Gavin told his friend B, “sometimes, we just do this kind of thing”.

I am hoping to avoid as much of what is going on at my house through day-trips, extended visits with friends, using my sister’s apartment to do my laundry (and using her stove & oven), hiding in museums, traipsing all over NJ and maybe some neighboring states, car-nicking (our cool weather version of ‘picnicking’) and visiting you!

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