Kitchen Remodel – Installment #3

And…we have windows!

And all kinds of electrical receptacles, and plumbing and insulation, but I guess that’s not as flashy as new windows, huh? What I find really stressful is making a life-long committment (no, for your information, I don’t think that’s too dramatic) to the finishes in my kitchen using what you see here below.

A square foot of flooring, one cabinet face and a piece of granite the size of my palm. If you can picture an entire kitchen done in those finshes then lah-di-dah! I can’t see it. But I am trying. I take turns kicking different pieces of flooring around and then putting the cabinet and granite next to it. I guess at some point, you need to jump!

I picked a good range and a good refrigerator – only I don’t think they look good together. How do I weigh function and form!?! Dennis tells me a still need to pick other major appliances, a sink (and how it will be oriented), faucets, hardware, lighting and paint. Anyone want to do it for me?

Until then I am mastering the art of cooking on the dining room table.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

After I cook, I put my dishes in my makeshift “sink”. Then I shamlessly drop the whole pan off at my mom’s house to be washed. Nice, right?

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