Kitchen Remodel – Installment #2

I’ve been framed! I swear!

I have to admit, it’s pretty neat. I can kind of see a ‘kitchen’ now, just like the little pencil one on the paper I have been holding for weeks. That window you see ‘framed’ out right there (can you tell I learned a new word?) is the window that will be over my control center. It’s labeled ‘desk’ on my paper drawing.

The wall on the left will be miles (they’re labeled feet and inches on my paper) of cabinets and counter space. I have heard a rumor that I will be able to fit 3 uninterrupted cookie sheets along it! I can’t believe the hype though.

That big openeing is for a slider and the “H” there (see, I am learning all the technicalities) is a wall that is part of the island, which will extend mostly to the front of it. We still haven’t decided what to put on the floor. Should we continue the hardwoods that are on the rest of the 1st floor or use Congoleum tiles?

This whole area is walled off from the rest of the house, but our contractor, knowing how hard this would be on the Costello’s, stuck our screen door in the wall so we can still access the laundry and computer room from the inside. Does he know us or what?

The boys have had chances to participate in the project. Just like their dad when he is vacuuming, don’t they look more handsome when they are working?

Then I took this quaint picture of all the boys living in the one little room we have left. Looks sweet, right?

Then all sorts of quarreling broke out. I yelled at Mikey, Dennis yelled at Ethan, Gavin yelled at everyone, and so on. Then in true Costello form, we all settled down and went about the business of finding something to do that does not include the whole back of the house.

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