DJ Ethan and the Ride to Teen Drop-off

Ethan always protests me giving him a ride anywhere. I don’t know why. I let him blast his music, put his feet on my dash and let him put his arm out the window so that he can pretend his hand is riding waves. But he still asks for Dad. So tonight, he takes his dinner pizza to go. That is not to be confused with his breakfast pizza. Then the DJing commences.

Here’s what was on the playlist:

Dynamite – Taio Cruz

Thank God, I’m a Country Boy – John Denver

Bullets in the Gun – Toby Keith

Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

Sk8r Boi – Avril Lavigne

I have to take some of the blame since all this is all on my iPhone.

There’s only a couple of rules. Don’t talk while he’s singing. Sing when he says, clap along when appropriate and don’t make requests.

Ethan loves seeing ‘cops’ on the road for any reason. Traffic stops and accidents are paricularly exciting. He has learned to “X” them out in the air in front of him from his particularly superstitious bus driver. He comments on every dead animal – confirming that it’s dead and what kind of animal I think it was. Sometimes we disagree. Thumbs up go to any driver owning a muscle car, an old car, anything Ethan deems a ‘racecar’, a Hummer or Jeep and anything with flames gets a rousing “Happy Boy!” from E.

He tells me to wait in the car. He does say “thanks”, and he tells me to have Dad pick him up.

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