Ugly, little secret

We have a really ugly secret. It is not something I ever wanted to share here. I try to avoid it in all my posts. It’s not something I really wanted you all to know about. But, since Dennis and I are now willing to work on it, open it up and make some changes, I am hoping we can receive as much love and support during this difficult time. So, here it goes. We have been living like this: I know, I know, we should have admitted to this earlier. I think the kitchen was built with the house (circa 1952) and refaced, judging by the grade of plastic vaneer used to cover the entire kitchen, in the 70s. These are not easy things to admit, but sometimes outing yourself helps move along the healing the process. The beginning of any twelve step recovery program is admitting you have a problem. We have a serious problem! As you can see, our family has WAY outgrown this space about 3 kids ago. The cabinets don’t hold enough supplies to prepare meals for the 6 to 8 people who eat here daily. Dennis keeps reminding me that the floor cannot double as extra counter space. But with the help of our dear friends, one of who is an excellent contractor and one with a flair for the aesthetic, we have decided it’s time to work through this problem and when we come out on the other side, we hope to see something that looks more like this: This means we will also be utilizing the room that we have been using as a den, which means the living room needs re-purposed, which means the china closet needs moved, which means we need better entryway organization, which means….you get it.

We know you are our good friends, and are not judging us for hiding this for so long. Please encourage us along the way, and invite us over for dinner often. Thanks!

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