A Cousin Day – in pictures

The Cousins spent the night. It was an unexpected, bonus-day off school for them. It made it that much more fun.

That’s five kids in a teeny-tiny room – they look like a pack of puppies (or refugees?) Unlike New Year’s Day when they all woke each other up at 6:55 a.m. they all had a nice, lazy morning.

Some people might think having five kids all day is a handful. The thing is, when there are more kids, there are more possible ‘friend’ combinations. If someone is not interested in doing what you are, there is always someone else. The early morning pair ups were pretty unique and very cute.

First they did this….

And then they did this…

And of course, this…

They all went about their day so nicely, stopping to ask for more supplies or food! There wasn’t a disagreement among them the entire day. It was a fun, fun day – and I’m all about the fun. They are why I thought that homeschooling would be good idea – and it is!

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