First there was the Harlem Globetrotters, and they were everything we hoped they would be.

The boys were really amazed and we laughed until it hurt! They are truly a talented bunch of guys. Fantastic sportsmanship and showmanship with great timing and classic gags. The great seats helped – thank you, Dennis.

Then…there were the New Year’s Eve festivities – I love New Year’s Eve. I love the excitement and anticipation and introducting my kids to all kinds of new chaos and old traditions.

There were Rock Band Performances until no one could stand to hear one more rendition of Queen’s “We will Rock You”. What a versatile band, they were, able to switch instuments so easily!

There were big kids and little kids.

And super-cute babies.

There was ball dropping, ice cream making, pots & pan banging (yep – out in the streets, neighbors must love us!) and fireworks!!

There was even some cousin bonding.

I fall for the whole thing about New Year’s Eve. It’s romantic and hopeful and fun – and we sure had fun. “They” say what your doing at midnight will set the the theme for your new year – I hope so!

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  1. Anonymous

    Me too…..usually a new years eve grump, i had such a nice time….gotta love my sister and Dennis who always seem to make room for 3 more. Fiona

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