Cold Costellos

To break up the terrible, dreary, gray, yucky season that is Winter (can you tell I don’t like it?), we have to add a good dose of fun.

We went ice skating on New Year’s Day, as has been tradition for the last several years. I love ice skating and the kids would hardly have to convince me to take them anytime – usually it’s the other way around. We went to an outdoor rink because it was 51 degrees – and I’ll take every degree I can get!!

Yes, we will put Seany on skates this winter – just as we did with Gavin & Mikey, but we knew it would be too crowded on a holiday.

Also on the agenda this winter is skiing lessons for Gavin & Mikey with The Mountain Burners Homeschool Ski Club. This is their first exposure to skiing. I don’t ski, and don’t want to (so there, Dennis!) But I *do* like the lodge and hot chocolate. Dennis has done it a couple of times and enjoyed it the other day and plans on continuing to ski on Mondays with the boys. Gavin picked snowboarding instead.

Poor Mikey had a terrible asthma attack on the way to Shawnee and I had to drive up and get him. He did not get his first day of lessons in. He was well on his way to recovering when I got there and he dealt with it like a trooper. Opportunities like this are one of the reasons homeschooling is great for us. We can take advantage of really quiet days at places like this and get the *best* deals from a price standpoint. We can fit in way more fun!

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