Sunny & 84 Climate Controlled Degrees

We spent the last two days at the Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Resort. We have visited on several other occassions and it has never failed to deliver fun, water, warmth, and wrinkly fingers & toes.

It was Sean’s first visit and he ran headlong into the experience, literally. He is “no-fear” Costello who comes up laughing a sputtering from having been bowled over in the wave pool (pronounced ‘poo-wa’).

Ethan had a really awesome time – he spent lots of time shooting hoops in the pool and we did not have to micro-supervise him! He joined in games with other kids (Yay to the other kids for being so kind!) He checked in with us and told us where he would be. He was really responsible and independant!!

Gavin & Mikey’s favorite activity is to run across the pool on floating lilly pads. It is usually met with some oooh’s and aaahhh’s from onlookers which makes me secretly proud of their agility (it’s not secret now, huh?)

I really feel like I am having “fun in the sun” even though the sun is filtered through some giant windows and skylights – but that’s good enough for me. I hope we can make another trip this winter just to keep the “winter-blahs” at bay. Evening show in the lobby.


Watch for great rates and make sure you pull your kids out of school to avoid the crowds and score some awesome-mom points!

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