Even my cookies are boys.

Probably the fish and lizards too! My house is boy-infested and testosterone-infused. I recently cleaned out the ‘activity’ closet and realized just how much stuff I had that they never touched and never will – girly, crafty stuff. Sure they paint, use the craft sticks, cut and paste, and even break out the stencils – but to think they are going to complete some intricate craft that requires reading directions, following them and sitting in one spot for a prolonged period of time – just not going to happen. I am sure there are girls that share similar traits, but I feel like my clan take boy stereotypes to a whole new level. (I kept a few things for ‘visiting’ girls.)

Conversations around here start like this “Mom, do you want to know how a combustion engine works…”, “How long until I can get a BB gun?”, “So ‘n so is ‘naked dancing’ upstairs!” No one has EVER asked for an article of clothing or a pair of shoes and they think hand-me-downs are “awesome” because of what bigger boy may have worn them before them! The only toys that have stood the test of time in this house are matchbox cars, wooden blocks, Star Wars action figures and matches. Plastic army guys take over the house, fighting and wrestling are curtailed by the referee (I mean me) every 2 hours and legos are used as decor for our house.

I guess it’s a good thing that I was always boy-crazy! I was somewhat of a tomboy who did not want to be outdone by the bunch of boys I hung out with as a preteen. I had a boys dirt bike (a mongoose, no less) and followed them into swamps to hunt turtles. They were camping and fishing masters who could whistle through their fingers and climb 10 foot chain link fences in a single bound. Little did I know the life-preparation going on in those days.

But seriously, Gavin is learning to cook, and Mikey to bake and they really enjoyed Little House on the Prairie books. But Gavin told me they were all about homesteading, farming, building and hunting anyway.

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  1. HS Schulte

    Having 4 boys of my own (the youngest 2 with Ds), I can completely relate to your explanation of how your house is testosterone infused. We have matchbox cars and army men, I’ve never heard a request for new clothes, and there is plenty of roughhousing around here.

    Great blog!

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