The order of events

1. Promised kids a trip to Trailside Nature and Science Center. 2. Locked my keys (and the spare key) in the car. 3. Called and joined AAA to unlock car. 4. As I leave the front door to speak with AAA-guy, Seany’s fingers get stuck in the hinges 🙁 5. Kids ask if we can now go to Nature Center. 6. Drive to nature center to find it closed. 7. Drive home and decide to concentrate on lunch and dinner. 8. Spill entire bottle of canola oil on kitchen floor and down the basement stairs. (At this point I inform the kids that I need some quiet so I can spend some time praying…they inform me that they’ve been praying for a while now.) 9. Find out Ethan has yet another terrible ear infection. 10. Ethan suddenly becomes covered in terrible rash. It’s almost ten o’clock, no one is in bed and there is no end in site. So, how’s your day?

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