Math for fun

I told Mikey he needed to find something to do for a for a little while. He asked, “Can I play with math?” I asked him what he would need and we picked some things out. I believe mathematics is one of easiest subjects to allow kids to learn at their own pace and at their own level. When it has not been forced on them by high pressure or boring or repetitive methods they can come to appreciate solving the puzzle. My kids ask lots of good questions about the price of gas, mpgs, time, cost, banks, taxes, bills, paychecks, allowances, etc. There is never a lack of interest. That leads us to alot of activities that you might consider “educational”! Speaking of boring and repetitive, Gavin decided that knowing the multiplication tables by heart would be of great use to him with his interest in math, building, chemistry and lego. After two different computer games geared to committ those to memory – he decided he likes doing flashcards! I think if I would have suggested memorizing multiplication tables from flashcards….well, let’s not think about it.

p.s. After I published this post, a friend linked these two articles to my FB page. I wanted to include them because the information is amazing.

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