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Qwirkle is a really good game. The premise is to form lines of 6 tiles that either share shape or color as an attribute. It is great for developing logic and strategy. Scoring requires simple addition. Replenishing your hand means you have to know how many you have left and how many you have to pick to make sure you have six. Mikey and I played a game called Wheel of Life. It includes 5 cards each for life cycles of a frog, a chicken, a bean, a tree and other things. One game was putting them in the order of each life cycle. Then we played “memory” with them face down on the table trying to collect a set for yourself. Another game was to remove some cards and having to ask your opponent for a specific card by describing the card. Gavin and I played Math Magic. We didn’ t think it was going to be as fun as it was! The colors on the tiles told you whether you had to add, subtract, mulitply or divide the numbers in that color. The goal is to make the highest number you can with what you were given. I think it’s a sticker on his head. Mikey has been playing with these letter tiles for several days now. I was just about to get rid of them because no one played with them before.

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