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New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

Nope. Kidding. Won’t do it.

I did not and will not make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.

I am old enough and wise enough to know that it is not the answer for me. That’s right – I think there are different stokes for different folks and I have to do me – the deal is you can do you.

Do not think for one minute that I am not interested in my health. I am very interested in my health and recognize there is a corelation between weight and health. Sort of. But I picked different numbers than the ones on the scale to work with.

I am looking to make a dent in my blood pressure and cholestrol this year. I lowered both significantly last year. I would like to work on lowering my resting heart rate after I did some research on that, too. I am interested in ticking off the boxes that confirm that I have developed a solid and consistent routine of exercising – my goal is everday. I love tracking the number of miles that I walk. I am interested in increasing the number of servings of fruits and veggies that I eat and the percentage of my diet that is plant-based. I do have a resolution to eat cleaner.

About three years ago, I firmly unraveled the idea of my exercise routine needing to result in weight loss. I anchored my daily goals to a better mood, more endorphins, more oxygen to my body and brain, 30-60 minutes of time that I am not engaged with other diversions or responsibilities, and developing strength and stamina. If I lost weight, well then, so be it. And I did. I have lost 30 lbs. over the last 2 years. Slow, very slow. But forward and forward is good.

I pull the scale out infrequently. I limit myself to intervals that work for me. As someone who at points in my life did it everyday and did some VERY dysfunctional and dangerous things to adjust the numbers I saw under my feet, I made the decision that those particular numbers would take a very tiny place on my list of what will define success and good health. They can be an indicator of direction, but not much more. They will have to take their place at the bottom of the list.

I don’t believe I can take great care of my body when I spend any time hating it. I am going to try to be nice to it in every way I can.  See the source image


My Word

I began to think about picking a theme word for 2018 during the Christmas craziness. I was looking for something dreamy and ethereal. I was hoping for a word that was inspiring and majestic. I brainstormed while I colored sacred, geometric patterns. I mulled over the alphabet as I folded my laundry and threw random words out there as I drove countless miles shuttling my kids around. I listened to Tedtalks and inspirational music.

I have certain topics and issues in my life that have been pulling on my proverbial sleeves. Things like squaring away more appropriate life insurance choices and updating our will. Items that come in the mail have been vexing me – a statement that comes from Dennis’ retirement fund every quarter that I don’t fully understand, the PSE&G bill that I can never discern, and references to forms I am supposed to be submitting in regards to Ethan’s guardianship. There are several things that are hanging around my head, bugging me like little gnats. A foggy puddle of forms, topics, goals, issues, numbers, budgets, etc…..things that I don’t really have a grasp on. I don’t like it.

I have a bunch of amorphous goals and dreams that have not been organized into neat rows with boxes next to them waiting to be checked off. They are not defined and recorded. I don’t have action points for these goals and dreams that would tell me I am in the right road or even using the right map.

I cannot possibly reach a destination that remains undefined.

I don’t want to allow the GPS of my life to continue to re-calculate because I have gone off in too many directions for it to pick up the ‘quickest route’.

Slowly, from the corner of my eye I saw something sauntering around like an aloof housecat. When I would turn my head, it would be gone. I got a feeling, but not a word. The feeling lead me down a path, beckoning me with words like ‘focus’ and ‘understand’. The scene that continually came to mind during this process was one of opening a closet, pulling out all of the contents, sorting the items, understanding their purpose, assessing it’s relevance and putting back only what is vital to completely the clearly defined tasks I have in front of me.

I did not expect a verb. But a verb is what I was given.

It mean to ‘brighten with light’ and ‘to make lucid and clear’.

It means to ‘enlighten, as with knowledge’. ‘Spell out’, ‘clear up’ and ‘define’ are all related to it.

Image result for illuminate

This is going to be good. Someone hand me a flashlight.

Thank you, Susannah!

New Year

What’s so good about the New Year?! Only EVERYTHING.

It’s like ‘Hope’ in a bottle. ‘Hope In A Bottle’ is not what caused my party-goers to fall down the front stairs, doze off on the couch or take a little rest on my front lawn. It was beautiful revelry – with a side of Karaoke. Totally my cup of tea.

partyroomThe dates leading up to the New Year…28…29….30….ah! They call to me. ‘Look! A blank page, a new start, a chance to begin again.’ Dennis laughs and asks me if I realize that I don’t need to wait for a date on the calendar for all of these things. Of course I do! There is no avoiding it – it really is 1/1 and to me that is exciting.

The day is a tool. Aren’t they all? It’s a reminder, a symbol and a beacon. It is a clear demarcation – a line in the proverbial sand? Do you know how much I love sand?

I use today to set intentions and solidify my ideas. Last year and this year I used Susannah Conway’s Unravel Your Year workbook. I unraveled, raveled and developed a word for my year. No, I can’t tell you! It’s super-secret. But it’s awesome.

I have a new pen and a new notebook. I have plans, dreams, resolutions and goals neatly line up. I have big ideas that are full tiny details. I am constructing lists. I am one big walking, talking and breathing New Year’s cliche and I love every minute of it.

Happy New Year everyone. You don’t have to do it my way, but do it someway. Sure, it’s just another day, but it is all that we’ve got.

Can you guess what one of my New Year’s Resolutions is?



There are some things I totally have. I’m nailin’ them. I could list them. But I won’t.

There are also things that just aren’t working. The same things persist day after day and month after month with little deviation. The same things confound me and my self-talk (you do that, right?) gets nasty. I get hung up on the same failures and frustrations. At some point I recognize that when you continue to repeat the same ineffective strategies day after day…well, it might be a commentary on ones mental health.

So, the pragmatist that I am grabbed a legal pad last Thursday, and from the moment I woke up I started jotting down the things that I would change, if I could. As I encountered them, I noted the roadblocks I was experiencing. I wrote down minor and major aggravations. I cannot possibly tell you them all – or even most – because, again, it might call into question my mental status.

DSC04645I realized is that I do not like making myself coffee first thing in the morning. I want it made – but I want a little less effort. (Do not talk to me about a Kuerig) Sounds like such a little thing – but this was no-holes-barred list. My ‘evening self’ will now set up the percolator on my handy-dandy timer for my ‘morning self’. I know she will thank her. (Question mental health again)

I realized that for my family, we are getting up a little bit too late. I realized that I would prefer that I have done some type of ‘self-care’ before I am doing ‘kid-care’. Coffee, a shower and clothes would be nice. Speaking of clothes, I noted that I NEVER have something I want to wear clean and ready. I also noted that it is because I don’t have any clothes. I dislike all forms of fashion and shun most shopping. It is taking it’s toll and a pile of jeans and clean t-shirts, new socks and other necessities need to be procured. Don’t ask me to do better than that.

On my list, I complained of ‘having’ to do too many things at one time. The dining room table is seldom cleared off before dinner time. I rarely give myself enough time to get ready or adequate time to drive places. I made a New Year’s resolution regarding how many miles I’d like to walk this year and I am not fitting in all the time I will need to accomplish that. I disregard how long meals take. Repeating these same things every day cause frustration and feelings of inadequacy that I think can be avoided if I am honest and make additional allowances.

Oh no, did I say ‘meals’? Meal planning is a hot topic. A sore spot. Our family runs best when I know what is being served next. We regularly feed 4-6 of us 3 meals a day. It’s a project. If you whip up meals from what is ‘on-hand’, I am truly happy for you. I don’t have that type of brain power. I just want to know what is next and I’ll make it. I also believe it is best for our budget to plan and purchase. I occasionally get in a groove – plan, purchase, prepare, repeat – it’s the ‘repeat’ that trips me up.

I count on the magical powers of the New Year and I am invoking them here! I am spending the rest of the evening filling up my new meal planning tool, Plan to Eat, with our favorite recipes. So far, so good. I think it will take some of the most painful parts out of this task. Consolidating recipes in one spot – check! Ability to grab from anywhere on the internet – check! A planner to drop each meal into and a shopping list generated from the calendar – yes! I’ll keep you updated.

I have a list now – and I LOVE lists – of things that need resolved. (There really were a lot of items on my list) I’m going to pick away at them one by one. In the meantime, this has been transcribed onto an index card and placed where I can see it.

O God, give me the serenity to accept what cannot be changed,
The courage to change what can be changed,
and the wisdom to know the one from the other.
Because I mean it.