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Sunday Scenes – Almost Spring

I hear it’s Spring. I am still waiting. These scenes make me grateful – it is an awesome exercise. Sunday included incidents that were less than stellar – including hauling a kicking, screaming and biting 6 year-old out of the hockey rink. But, when I review and then construct a post like this I realize that it is good. Really good. Mostly.

DSC05423 (1)

The wisdom of hockey stick taping being passed down




And it starts…

DSC05433 (1)

Father and son moment


Brotherly Love – playing for the Fighting Ewoks


This scene brought to you AFTER the kicking and screaming meltdown 🙂

DSC05445 (1)

A great day for window washing

DSC05446 (1)

The cat enjoyed the clean windows

“Do not let Sunday be taken from you. If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan.”
~ Albert Schweitzer




Sunday Scenes – Think On These Things

In the bible, in the book of Philippians it states,

“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.”

We are not a perfect family. We got ‘stuff’ going on. But when I post ‘Sunday Scenes’, I feel like I am embracing the above valuable truth.

DSC05178 (1)

Someone special is getting this crocheted market bag – who could it be?

No joke. I like ALL of these. Imagine living with me and my Pandora stations.


Pancake maker


Coffee maker

Seriously, right?!

He colors. A lot. I think I’m going to to open an Etsy shop so that you too can own an Ethan original. If you want to be reminded to meditate on ‘what is pure’, artwork by Ethan would be perfect.

Go find some things in your home that are of ‘good report’.

Indoor Activities

We are busy here. I think we are trying to move. Strange words to use in a sentence about moving – ‘think’ and ‘try’. But it’s true. The market is unpredictable and there are not too many houses that I would leave our current house for. Right now, the count is at 1 – and it is in town. But, we are cleaning, culling, redecorating, carpeting and painting none-the-less. Let’s see what happens.

Otherwise, I would crochet all day if that was possible because it is one of the rare times that I can think in a straight line (or in rounds). It just feels good. Late at night I get a chance to  sit down and here are some products of that stress-relieving activity. DSC05066 DSC05069 DSC05067 DSC05071 DSC05074 (1)The patterns are here, here and here.

There are other mundane activities and way to many of them are occurring within my own four walls.




I LOVE Ethan’s artwork


My very 1st Kombucha brew. I received a SCOBY as a gift from a friend

DSC05133 (1)

He insists the cat loves him


Serious ‘Poke’ play at The Only Game in Town


King & Queen of the Hill

10 days until Spring. I hope it’s not a rumor.

Sunday Scenes – Still Snowy Version

When it's not about cars, it's about planes. Or trains.

When it’s not about cars, it’s about planes. Or trains.

A view from my shoes

A view from my shoes

Snuggle bug

Snuggle bug

Cara Cara Oranges by Sunkist. We've eaten 3 bags of them this week

Cara Cara Oranges by Sunkist. We’ve eaten 3 bags of them this week


Doodle Bug

Doodle Bug

Sundays are nice. So nice. Mondays are something to be tolerated. Ethan is off at school and The Boys are off skiing. I am here taking care of all types of business – from the ridiculous to the sublime. There are baskets of laundry and lists of phone calls, miles to be walked and two big jobs that I REALLY want to get done. I think I can….

Sunday Scenes

I like Sundays. (That is Dennis and my “Powerball-Winning-Pool in the FGL video)

Summer Sundays are way better than Winter Sundays. But they’re all I’ve got right now.

DSC04730 (1)

It’s a real good way to start

DSC04732 (1)

They refer to each other as “Best Brothers”


Law & Order always helps me log my daily miles

DSC04742 (1)

One of life’s true labors of love – really homemade chicken soup – no stock in this pot!


If you are inclined to crochet anything, ever, pick a wool afghan in this solid rope stitch

Happy Monday. I do not like those as much as Sunday. Nope.