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If you’re Sean…

…you eat your lunch with play-do scissors (but you pronouce that “sissos”).

You don your brothers cub scout hat. You think that this….

is a totally awesome hiding spot!

You believe that this is a reasonable spoonful of pasta.

You are super cool on a skateboard.

If you are Seany you *are* the super-cutiest little toddler around and keep us entertained all day!

3 lb. 13 oz.

That’s how much Sean weighed the day we brought him home. People kept asking me if I was afraid that he was so tiny & fragile. I wasn’t. He ate well, slept great, and did everything he was supposed to – just on teeny, tiny scale. He pretty much looked like this for the first two months. Then he became a ‘newborn’ and no longer seemed like a ‘preemie’. That is the nice way to put it – I called it ‘fetal monkey’ stage – and I still thought he was cute. We went about the business of figuring out how to manage 4 boys and fit this infant into our lives. No problem – Sean fit perfectly into place and he has been a complete pleasure and joy to all of us.

He is the gift I didn’t know we were waiting for.

Happy Birthday, 2 year-old!

Conversation with an almost 2 year-old

I got the pleasure of getting Seany out of his crib this morning – it is an often fought-over priveledge. I found him standing with his arms casually hanging over the top rail.

Sean: Hi Mom.

Mom: Hi Sean.

Sean: E home?

Mom: Nope, E’s at school.

Sean: Daddy home?

Mom: Yes, Daddy’s home.

Sean: Yeah!! Wet.

Mom: Yes, you’re really wet – that’s alot of pee. You’ll need a bath.

Sean: Pee, bath?

Mom: Yes.

Sean: Monkey bath?

Mom: No, monkey can’t take a bath.

Sean: Monkey pee.

Mom: No, monkey can watch.

Sean: Monkey watch.

A Smooshy Pictorial

Here’s a view of life…Smoosh-style!

Chocolate cheesecake on a stick – so fortunate to find out so young.

You can eat a banana under the computer desk.

A bug-in-a-cup for entertainment purposes – thanks, bubbos!

Taking off!


A cuddle with a bubbo.

Working on his pound of dirt.

Suiting up.

Feeding a deer friend. Being taught how to properly roll down a hill.


Thanks for looking!