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Indoor Activities

We are busy here. I think we are trying to move. Strange words to use in a sentence about moving – ‘think’ and ‘try’. But it’s true. The market is unpredictable and there are not too many houses that I would leave our current house for. Right now, the count is at 1 – and it is in town. But, we are cleaning, culling, redecorating, carpeting and painting none-the-less. Let’s see what happens.

Otherwise, I would crochet all day if that was possible because it is one of the rare times that I can think in a straight line (or in rounds). It just feels good. Late at night I get a chance to  sit down and here are some products of that stress-relieving activity. DSC05066 DSC05069 DSC05067 DSC05071 DSC05074 (1)The patterns are here, here and here.

There are other mundane activities and way to many of them are occurring within my own four walls.




I LOVE Ethan’s artwork


My very 1st Kombucha brew. I received a SCOBY as a gift from a friend

DSC05133 (1)

He insists the cat loves him


Serious ‘Poke’ play at The Only Game in Town


King & Queen of the Hill

10 days until Spring. I hope it’s not a rumor.

School Boy

We enrolled Mikey in school. Public school. It’s been shocking for sure. He is mesmerized by all of it.

He gets up with no trouble in the morning and feels that it is very important not to be late because then he would have to get a ‘late pass’. What would happen then? He does not know and does not want to find out. He believes that ‘walking on the right’ and having to raise your hand are good ideas. He likes his classes. He says the work is interesting and most of teachers are nice. I noticed him putting LOTS of extra gummy-fruit snacks into his lunch bag and questioned him. For his teachers. Good idea, Mikey.

He says the kids yell ‘Hi New Kid!’ in the halls and he yells back ‘Hi!’ Last week he told me that he was a celebrity. This week he says he’s a legend.

He says he has a teacher that has a very snotty and rude tone of voice…unless another adult enters the room or is on the phone. He says that he does not believe that another of his teachers likes children. When this teacher was shaking his head and stated that he did not know what they were all laughing about, my own little Amelia Bedelia asked him if he should explain exactly what they were laughing at. He reports that both of these teachers enjoy gummy snacks 🙂

He says everyone is jealous of his self-made lunch. It’s totally a ‘homeschool’ lunch. Fruits & veggies, cheese & crackers, nuts & yogurt – in  a cool, little bento box. You just have to laugh. He’s rocking it.

Today he told me a story about having to eat lunch in his math class, with his math teacher because he did not finish all of the previous evenings homework. I asked if it was a ‘punishment’ – he stated that it was not – just a time to do the work. He proceeded to tell me that eating in the math class, with his math teacher, doing math with three other students was WAAAYYY better than eating in the lunch room. It’s the little things.

He informed me that he was not finishing all of his math homework tonight either.

This is strange for me. I did not like school. I do not like rules and regulations. I do not like a whole lot about school. There are things he tells me that make me cringe. I hold my tongue and listen to him recount it all in his own way. Things that would really bother me, don’t bother him. When I ask him what he thinks of a situation – he usually has a very different take than I would. I dislike structure and he seems to be enjoying the routine.

Mikey calls Gavin ‘homeschooler’. Gavin calls him ‘schoolboy’. All is well.


The heading of my blog says ‘I Blog 4 Boys’, right? Lately I feel like ‘I Cook 4 Boys’ and ‘I Chauffeur 4 Boys’ – but certainly not blog.

I know a Sunday has come and gone without posting ‘Sunday Scenes’ because I slack like that and several others ways I could admit too.

The house is in flux because Ethan has been displaced from his room. There are few holy rules in our house – one is not to displace Ethan! You have seen Rain Man? Welcome to my world. His room is being renovated, so his hoard has been moved to the kitchen, dining room and living room. You know we live in a tiny space, right? This does not help anyone. Ethan is doing as well as he can with the situation and I am doing as well as I can with the clutter – which I despise! I’ve tried to embrace my inner hoarder, but I don’t have one 🙂

Did I mention we are looking at a giant space? A big house. I’ve been trying to wrap my head and heart around the concept of moving. <Insert distasteful sound here>. Some things about it would be amazing and some would be downright scary – like heating and cleaning it. Pray for us.

Otherwise, I am battling the daily urge to crawl back into a warm bed – so I make it quickly in the morning. Then I stand in front of the warm dryer and I leave the oven open after baking to benefit from the ancillary heat. I have even resorted to filling the tub with hot water, rolling up my jeans and reading while seated on the edge. 

I’m cold, but I’m not as SAD as last year. That is so good.

I wish the weather was warming up. I wish the trees were blooming. I wish I could watch Downton Abbey from my hot tub – I wish I had a hot tub.

I wish I could find my blogging mojo.


Something New

We knew that change was on the horizon.

So, there were inquiries and phone calls, conversations, debates and paperwork. Next, there was a tour and a talk, a physical and a shot, and piles of more paperwork. Finally, there were meetings and signatures and a paper grid of boxes with words like ‘Phys. Ed’ and ‘Social Studies’ in them.

In the end, Mikey was all set to go to school. But it’s not the end – it’s actually the beginning of a new adventure.

School clothes and name brand sneakers (so sue me) have been procured. A new hoodie, a backpack a lunchbox were selected and a three-ring notebook full of loose leaf was added.

We even covered a textbook in brown paper.

DSC04758After all the appointments and hardwork, there was very little fanfare. He looked like every other kid walking up to the school – except he was shooing away his mother’s camera. As it was time to go, he was shooing me away too and ducked away from an attempted kiss. We would never have sent him if he was not going to be ‘fine’. He was fine.

I wish I could say the same for me.

The Tooth

It’s just a tooth. A teeny, tiny pearly white tooth.

DSC04053 DSC04056 DSC04054But I know what it means. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this.

First of all, it signals that this little boy is more in the golden years of childhood than he is in the ethereal, baby-like years of 0 through 5. Even his feet look more firmly planted on the planet. I cannot do anything about it. For my other 3 boys, this is the time I watch them tie themselves more closely to identifying with Dennis than myself, expanding their friendship base and emotionally venturing out with more autonomy.

Damn that little tooth.

As I carefully place the tooth (once I retrieved it from the tooth fairy) safely in the top drawer of my dresser, I know that I will lose track of it and like the adorable, Chiclet teeth of his 3 brothers it will become a fond memory rather than a souvenir.

There are no meticulously cropped scrapbooks with 1st Day of Anything pictures. There is not growth chart where we marked their increments of height. I did not keep ‘baby books’ with notes about developmental milestones or beautifully framed birth weights and times with inked footprints. I meant to write down all the words that they mispronounced for so long and little phrases that brought daily giggles.

We were busy. Very busy. There were years and years we were short on sleep managing more than our fair share of crisis and chaos. Recording things was low on my priority list – actually ‘being there’ was really high, though.

I can recount to you the long history about why Ethan referred to balls as “blay-lows” for many years. I can pull a motion picture up in my head of the time he stripped inside the tunnels of a a Mcdonalds play place, leaving me to take him home in my coat – and one sock. I can see the still images of the hours he spent laying with his puppy INSIDE the dog crate.

I can practically hear Gavin saying his quirky little phrases like “Mommy…are you?” in his sing-song little chipmunk voice when we could not find me in our house and that when he was 2 and each time we turned a corned in the car he grabbed the nearest seat belt and exclaimed ‘Hold on Ropey!!’. I recall that he used to think that Ethan ‘saved’ his leftover lunch – just for him.

Mikey answered every question as a toddler with ‘guppy, gup gup’ or some form of it. I can vividly see Mikey walking foot over foot on stairs and running at full speed while most kids were mastering walking. He referred to Gavin as ‘ya-ya’ until…well, let’s not do that here.

But Sean is a different story. He has had so many witnesses to his every move, including his brothers who can sometimes tell me as many stories as I can tell them. They are often the tale-bearers of some huge word he just used or a cute antic. He is the baby – everyone’s baby. With each moment he grows, I revisit milestones in each of the boys’ lives.

He makes me rewind and revisit. He indicates that The Costello Boyz are moving up and forward. That thought brings equal amounts of sadness and fear as pride and satisfaction.

All that from a little boy, with a little tooth.