If You’ve Had It With Distance Learning – Let Your Kids Quit School

Say for instance you’ve had it with ‘distance learning’/’remote instruction’. Imagine that it is really not working for your kid or you family for a variety of reasons. Pretend it is causing a whole lot of stress, anxiety and family disharmony (like we need ANY more of that right now!). What if you are experiencing a whole bunch of busy work adding to your parenting load at a time that is already incredibly stressful.

What if this situation is totally crushing the last vestiges of your child’s curiosity and creativity. Imagine all of that for a moment.

In NJ, homeschooling your child is legal and easy. Check out this post for the details. One, one sentence letter, sent off to the school district and the deed is done. You are now free to spend the remainder of the school year any way you and your kids please.

As a homeschooler, you can decide what the day looks like and what the time tables and due dates are. You can provide them with ‘traditional’ looking educational activities – there is no lack of what is available for FREE right now! A quick Google search will yield about anything you can imagine.

If you are so inclined, you could build a whole school day for them, geared to who they are, what they like, how they learn and what your family life currently looks like. You could build in all the subjects and make it as formal as you like. If it works for your family, you could even ‘flip’ they day and allow them to do what they want all day and spend some time working on their ‘academics’ in the evening. As homeschoolers, the choice would be yours.

You could also choose something else.

You could let them run with what thrills them. You could let them dive into the things that make them tick and the things there just hasn’t been time for before. You could gift them with time to create art, bake, skateboard, bike, jump on the trampoline, crochet, crafting, <insert anything>. You could let the watch some pretty awesome shows.

If your kids are rocking out the distance learning and the school district is a sense of support and continuity for your kids, I am happy that it is one less stressor at this time. If the work is meaningful and the interactions are a positive experience for your student, then this is not for you. I have a high schooler who is remaining enrolled. He doesn’t seem to mind it at all. He’d rather be in the school building, but the process and the work are not crushing him and causing undue stress. I have heard from others from whom it is.

I just want you to know that you can do it. I want you to know you have this option available in these unprecedented times. Sure, I have an affinity to the lifestyle and benefits of homeschooling – but you already knew that!

You can easily re-enroll your child this summer for a September start. You just fill out the forms and back in you go! Just like moving towns or any other private school or homeschool kid returning to district. Myself and many other homeschoolers have done it, and you can too if you need to.

Just a public service announcement from your friendly, neighborhood homeschooler.

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