Monthly Archives: September 2010

A walk in the Woods

We went hiking in Basking Ridge in Lord Stirling Park. We’ve done several trails this summer and fall and each time have seen an abundance of interesting things. These pics are from our most recent walk.

It wasn’t until we downloaded the photos at home that we realized by the time the baby tried to pet the frog it had already hopped into his stroller! Do you see it? Yes, that’s G & M investigating scat (yup, poop). They found small rodent remains. Decided it was fox.

“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events of their lives.” ~ Thomas Berry

Bike Rodeo

The boys participated in a local bike rodeo. The police officers walk the kids through a bunch of safety guidelines and check for properly fitted gear. Then they send them on an obstacle course. This is also part of earning the cub scout pin for Bicycling.

A day at the beach.

Every year, September rolls around and I start missing Summer already. Then it happens – the weather report predicts an 80-something degree day ahead. Ethan gets called out of school and Dad takes the day off work. We fit in the Jenkinson’s Aquarium and some beach fun. The funny story of the day was my decision to leave Ethan sitting at a boardwalk table with some coloring he was doing while I used the ladies room. I thought there was a really good chance he would stay where he was. When I returned, he was not in his spot. I did a quick 360 a promptly saw him sitting in at a bar with his coloring books. The bartender was obviously amused. When I walked up and asked Ethan what he thought he was doing he pointed to the TV and told me the Yankees were on. Fair enough.

A pack of boys.

Pack meetings are a good time for scouts. There are opening ceremonies, the kids are presented with awards such as belt loops, pins and any other acknowledgements of things that went on during the month and then there is usually some type of activity. Tonight was games.